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The Top 40 Free iPhone Apps of 2019

Thanks to the Apple iPhone 4, it seems as if the iPhone and its iOS-powered compatriots, the iPad and iPod touch, will continue to set the standard for a great third-party app ecosystem for some time. Apple's App Store hosts a range of terrific, powerful apps that consumers are willing to shell out millions of dollars to acquire.

4. CNBC Real-Time 1.3
1. Apple iBooks 1.1
The iTunes App Store now carries more than 225,000 apps, with an average app price of $2.80, according to But with the economy still in a giant lull, justifying a few pricey app purchases might be hard to do. That's where the beauty of free apps comes in. We've handpicked 40 of our favorite free apps that add value to your phone. Whether it's an original game, an e-book reader, a photo editor, or a shopping assistant, at least a few of these apps will appeal to just about every iPhone owner.
A list of 40 apps only scratches the surface of what's available in the iTunes store, of course, and we imagine that you have your own picks for great apps as well.
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