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How to create an Account/Registration in Blogger blog

There are many blogging platform/applications. The easiest way is to create a blog. Now I want to write the steps to registration in to create a new blog. Follow the below instructions:

1. Go to which is a service of Google to create blog.
2. You will see the Blogger homepage and see right side of the bottom.
3. Find and Click on the “CREATE YOUR BLOG NOW” button to begin.
4. You will then see the “Create an account” page.
5. Fill out the information and click on the “CONTINUE” button.
6. You will then see the “Name your blog” page and enter a Title of the blog. (Example: Technology World).

7. Now you will see the option of Blog address (URL). You will fill it as short word as you can. Then check availability. If you fill in the address box ‘yourname’ then your blog address will be .
8. You’ll also notice the “Word Verification”. This is a picture of a series of
numbers and letters. Exactly fill up the box.
9. Fill out all the information on this page and click on the “CONTINUE” button.
10. You will then see the “Choose a template” page.

11. Blogger has quite a few templates that you can use. These determine what
your blog looks like. While none may be perfect for you, pick one that
speaks to you a little. Click on the radio button under the template you want
to use and then click on the “CONTINUE” button.
12. You will then see the confirmation page confirming that your blog has been

Thus your first blog has created and Now you have to write a new post of your blog. To start new post read my Second Article “How to start new posting in Blogger”
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