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Earn money via online from websites

Technology is the business extension of science and the greatest technology ever invented is Internet. Some people says the Internet has made more millionaires than any other means in history. Millions of people have found success with internet and millions of people still seeking gold coins on the internet.
Anyway we are not gonna teach you how to be a millionaire or billionaire. We are just trying to let you know that how you can make some money extra
  • Earn with your own website - You can earn a decent amount of money if you dedicate some advertising space on your website or blog. You will get paid when someone clicks on a ad placed on your website or blog.
  • Earn for visiting sites - You can Earn a few cents per website you visit, through a specific paid to click network.
  • Earn by Writing article - There is thousands of websites want to pay you for your article or writings.
  • Get paid to signup - You can earn some money by joining a website as a member.
  • Earn from online Games - Play online games and win, you will get a reward by the authority of that site.
  • Earn from your photos - If you have some photos captured by you, then you can sell them online. Some sites pays you if you upload those on that site.
  • Earn from your videos - There is also opportunity of earning by uploading your videos.
  • Work from home jobs - Actually i am talking about freelance and outsourcing jobs with what you can earn your livelihood.
Most of the cases You need to have a Paypal, E-gold or Moneybookers account to receive payments.
  • Paypal - Paypal is a third party payment processor. It can pay or receive funds one behalf of you, all you need is to open a account with Paypal. But be careful if you are from Bangladesh then Paypal is not for you because Paypal does not support Bangladesh. So don't try to do anything fraud with paypal, you will loose all of your money. Mostly try to avoid Paypal fund receiving option where another payment option is available. If you do not have another option then just contact someone who have a verified paypal account. ask him/her to receive fund on his account for you. Or you can contact some hosting firms to receive fund for you. Learn more on
  • E-gold - E-gold is like paypal and it supports any country. just signup and start receiving funds. more on
  • Moneybookers - It is also like paypal and supports all country.
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