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Change your Facebook Profile by Bangladesh Flag, Victory of 48 Years

Facebook is popular among young generation. Changing profile picture of Facebook Users is common matter. Recently Facebook opens a option of temporary profile picture which would be changed automatically after 7 days. Changing Facebook profile picture to National flag, various types sticker with Cricket Team, Football Team, World Cup, Olympic Tournament, Football or Cricket Club, Important Events or National day of Country  is 
 a popular and familial activity among the Facebook users. Last year Bijoy 71 website published an application to change Facebook Profile Photo with Bangladeshi Flag. 16 December is Victory day of Bangladesh and December is Victory Month of Bangladesh. 
So Bijoy 71 web application publishes a sticker of profile photo were have a message "Bijoyer 45 Bochor- 45th Year of Victory of Bangladesh". The slogan and hashtag of Facebook profile picture is #ProudToBeBangladeshi".

how to change your Facebook profile picture by Bangladeshi Flag, Victory Sticker

Many young of Bangladeshi changed their facebook profile photo by Green Read shadow of Bangladeshi Flag. But there were no facebooks apps to changed profile photo to Bangladeshi Flag before. But First time Bijoy 71 website introduced the apps for facebook users to change Facebook Profile Picture by Sticker "Victory of 45th Year". The process of changing the facebook profile are as follows:

  1.  At first visit the website of Bijoy 71 dot net. Click Here
  2. Click the button below to change your profile picture on Facebook. 
  3. You will see preview option and authorization to upload it Facebook Profile directly. 
  4. Then conform and See your profile photo is changed to sticker 45th Independence year of Bangladesh 
  5. Now try all Bangladeshi to change your profile photo with Bangladeshi Victory day, Month Flag, Sticker. Click Bijoy 71 Website

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